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Shortcut Keys for Eclipse

The Shortcut keys are very useful for  programmers to  Developing Application easily and fast. You want to see Shortcut keys  in Eclipse.  Press  Ctrl+Shift+L  It will show Shortcut keys as follows.

Home Screen Widgets In Android

For Widget Creation Follow the Bellow Steps:

1.Create New Project. 2.Create One Folder in res as   res/xml . 3.Create One .xml file as AppWidgetProvider  in xml folder  like res/xml/widgmail.xml 4.Create  one .java file in src/   with Extention of  AppWidgetProvider. 5.Open manifest file Add some code as follows.
Step 1:
Now , We Create One project as follows.
Project Name          : Widget For Gmail. ApplicationName    :WidgetForGmail. Package Name Acticity                      : WidgetForGmailActivity. miniSDK Vertion      : 8
Step 2: Create one Folder named as xml in res/
Step 3: Create one xml file in xml folder as AppWidgetProvider named as widgmail.xml as follows

Then Click On thi Finish Button, and the write the following  code in widgmail.xml file 
<?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8"?> <appwidget-provider xmlns:android="" android:minWidth="58px" android:minHeight…